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#MyAreaVibe|Once your money runs out, leave Wema for us, Dimpoz tells Idris

The use of humour is one mechanism that people often employ to encode and relay a message.

Celebrated Tanzanian singer Ommy Dimpoz made use of humour in a recent Instagram post where he jokingly asked Wema Sepetu’s lover – Idris Sultan – to “leave her for him (and others) once his (Idris’) pockets run dry.”

Many social media users interpreted the post as a subtle message that Dimpoz has always wanted to tell the Big Brother Africa Season 9 big shot.

“Happy birthday to you (Idris) – the millionaire who has two companies registered under his name; and has employed seven people. You are determined a lot – from how you pose for photos to how you keep indoors. You won money which you have decided to spend on our ‘Miss’. All the best and I am praying for you. Once they (money) run out, leave the woman for us; we’ll take good care of her,” posted Ommy Dimpoz.

Many followers immediately took issue with the Baadaye singer; claiming he mocked Idris.

However, it seems the two are closely knit and often make fun of each other.

Tanzanian actress Wema Sepetu was once rumoured to be dating Ommy Dimpoz; claims which the pair denied. Ommy Dimpoz insisted that the relationship between him and Sepetu was strictly platonic.

The former Miss Tanzania beauty is currently dating Idris Sultan – who allegedly is the baby daddy to her unborn baby.

Ms Sepetu is expected to deliver her baby in August this year.

Source: citizentv.co.ke
Published: February 3th 2016


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