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Home artists #MyAreaVibe|Tiwa Savage, My sex life was almost affected by childbirth

#MyAreaVibe|Tiwa Savage, My sex life was almost affected by childbirth

Tiwa, who has made a remarkable comeback to the entertainment scene following the birth of her son, Jamal, says balancing attention between one’s child and spouse is key, if the embers of romance are to be kept alive in a relationship.


Speaking with Sunday Beats, she said:
“Initially when I gave birth to my son, the attention naturally shifted to Jamal because he would always wake up every two hours as such, you have to give him all the attention. Child birth may make your sex life not to be interesting any longer and it may change your sex life. You may have stretch marks in places you don’t like but eventually for the sake of your marriage, I would encourage every woman to look after their husband as well especially after having a child.

Tiwa-Savage and baby Jamal (Punch online)
Tiwa-Savage and baby Jamal (Punch online)

“My husband and I have always been very good friends before marriage and we are still good friends. You have to know that you are living for someone else in a marriage so you cannot make selfish decisions. For example, if I need to make any important decision in my life, I need to consult my husband because he is the head of the family. Ultimately, I need to give him that respect because he has the final say,” she said.

Tiwa Savage and son, Jamil Balogun (miss petite)
Tiwa Savage and son, Jamil Balogun (misspetite)

Since the birth of her son, most interviews have somehow managed to circle around the subject, with several people wanting to know she’s managing the switch to motherhood.


Speaking of her experience during childbirth, Tiwa said:
“The scariest moment I have faced as a mother was when I was in the delivery room and the doctor told me that the heart rate of my child had dropped and they had to do a quick suction to get his heart beating again.
“My happiest moment as a mother was the first moment I saw my son in the hospital.”

As regards speaculation that her fanbase might have dropped as a result of becoming a mother, the singer said:
“Numbers do not lie, since I gave birth, my Instagram followers have increased to about 1.4 million and I have 1.5 million followers on twitter. I would actually say that my baby has been a blessing to me. It has not been easy but I have a handsome son and I would do whatever it takes and make any sacrifice to give him the best and that is why I am working hard in my career,”

Published:April 24th, 2016


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