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#MyAreavibe| Mr Eazi will be working with Wizkid on Skin tight remix’ singer says on Beats 1

The rave singer also discusses collaborating with Eugy, and plans to work with some prominent UK artistes.
Mr Eazi meets up with Julie Adenuga on Apple’s Beats 1 radio where he gets talking about working with Mr Eugy on ‘Dance for me’, and collaborating with some UK artistes such as Giggs, Rudimental.
The singer gets talking about his music, and how he’s been getting a lot of love from fans, being called up for wedding gigs, which turned out to be some sort of a concert.

He lets in on his background, how he found his way to Ghana which has led him to where he is today.

On collaborating with Eugy on ‘Dance For Me’…

“Eugy had been trying to reach out to me for a long time and then he came via Juls, Juls has produced a lot of my work. Once the recommendation came from Juls of course, I just had to work on the record… I came to London for the first time in March and we recorded ‘Dance For Me’. We just put it out and it’s been crazy. It’s so funny, sometimes I go to some places and they call me Eugy!” the singer exclaimed.

On where he’s from…

“I was born in ’91, Friday ’91, July 19 in Port Harcourt, Nigeria – a rainy Friday night my mum tells me. In a military hospital. I stayed in Nigeria – I moved from Port Harcourt to Lagos until like end of high school and then my mum ‘shipped’ me over to Ghana.
I wanted to school in Canada to study Aeronautical Engineering, I didn’t know my mum and my sister and the rest of the family were low-key working on getting me admission to Ghana… the fees for Canada was like $16,000 while the fees for Ghana was like $5,900. My dad just – he didn’t want to say that he didn’t want to spend more money – so he was just like “Your mum thinks Ghana is close and there’s family there, just go to Ghana.” Next thing I know I’m in Kumasi!
On his attitude to life…
” I feel like in life… I just follow the vibe, I just move like a nomad and I feel like everything will make sense at the end of the day,” he says.

On working with big UK names…

I’ve been working with Rudimental, Anne-Marie, a great guy called Riton as well. Today I will be meeting Giggs.
I was really shy the first time with Rudimental… I go on YouTube and the first thing I see is some record with Ed Sheeran and then I’m like, “Oh My God” so when I got to the studio I couldn’t even play my stuff… but the vibe was chill, they ordered food so once I ate I just calmed down.

On what’s next for him…

Eazi reveals he will be dropping a remix of ‘Skin tight’ with Wizkid before he has his mixtape out. He talked about getting a lot of DMs on Instagram from A-list artistes who expressed their love for his music and asked if they could jump on a remix of the ‘Skin tight’ hit song, but decided to settle for Wizkid.


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