#MyAreavibe| Trump or Hillary?

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America is deciding its future as the election is heating up. The polls are coming in to determine who will be the president of the United States of America. Who will be the next US president? Do you want Hillary or Trump? What will be America’s future under Hillary or Trump? Hillary has much experience in politics whereas Trump is more knowledgeable in reality business. America is world leader in many areas including economic, military, immigration reform…

America has been the world leader in economic. Will the employment rate get lower than the current number which is below 5? Who would be a good president to fix the economy, Trump or Hillary? Whose economic policy do you believe more?

The two candidates have much different views when it comes to world security. Many believe Trump will be a nightmare for America is he becomes president of the United States and other say Hillary has been in government for many decades but incidents including recent email incident have been diminishing her credibility for becoming the president of the United States, the world. Will the world respect America as the world leader in economics under Trump presidency? Or will the world Hillary presidency be more acceptable in the world more than Trump’s? Obviously this is the time that America needs Jesus more than ever!

Show what you think about this election and what it will do to America, Americans and the whole world.