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Tanasha stresses that she is more than ready to cope with Diamond’s infidelity

Diamond Platnumz is a playboy extraordinaire, his Kenyan sweetheart Tanasha Donna Oketch knows this all too well and she is willing to live with that. Diamond has dated over 10 female celebrities in the past. Interestingly he cheated on nearly all women he was in a relationship with. It’s even thought that Hamisa Mobetto conceived her son on Diamond’s matrimonial bed, Diamond was fooling around with Hamisa while Zari Hassan was away in South Africa.

Leaving Diamond because of cheating? Never gonna happen

Scaremongers have been on Tanasha’s case insisting that Diamond will eventually break her heart with his philandering ways. It turns out that Tanasha is well prepared to share her future husband with other women. The Kenyan beauty took to social media to ward off her critics telling them that she will never leave Diamond because of cheating. Tanasha subscribes to the school of thought that all men cheat. Comedienne Anne Kansiime once said that leaving your man because he is cheating on you is like fleeing a country because of rain, it rains everywhere sister. Read more


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