Namibia’s Health Minister Dr Bernard Haufiku on How HIV Testing is Key

What the Namibian Health Minister, Dr Bernard Haufiku, said about fighting HIV/Aids in his country:

Education, education and getting people tested and especially young men tested. Because the problem we have with HIV now is that quite a number of people are not yet tested and in fact that’s the only reason why we didn’t achieve one of our 9090 goals is because of lack of testing especially. Our emphasis now is on getting young men tested and obviously everyone tested and whoever tested positive must be on treatment immediately without delay.

Actually we have done well. We were in Amsterdam where we were the top PEPFAR (U.S. President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief) country in terms of achieving most of our goals. We have half the incidents basically in two to three years, and we hope that we will reach our 2020 targets on HIV. And a whole lot of progress on TB but also a whole lot of challenges there with TB. Read more



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