Rudeboy has ‘no regrets’ after P square’s break-up

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Nigerian’s Paul Okoye alias Rudeboy has no regrets in life. Paul, one half of the now disbanded P Square duo, had an epic falling out with his twin brother Peter Okoye.

“In any position you find yourself, people don’t like losing their loved ones,” Rudeboy told Word Is on Friday. “I know it is everybody’s wishes that we go back together, but you guys don’t know what was happening.

“If you lose your loved ones, you just pray to God to give you more strength to move on. Nothing I can regret. If I regret, I’ll tell you I regret my parent died. It’s meant to happen or it will happen in future.

“I don’t think I have any regrets as long as I keep moving. There is nothing to regret. At every time you are challenged, that’s when you keep learning.”

Rudeboy started doing music in church but opted to settle for secular music after he realised he was gifted in singing.

His current hit, Chizoba, is a song many fans think is a dedication to his twin brother.

“‘Chizoba’ means God’s protection. The reason behind it is that life goes on, no matter what happens,” he said. Read more