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South African brewer eyes cannabis beer in the future

A craft brewer in South Africa is taking advantage of the market.

Poison City Brewing, launched in 2015 produces five different beers, including its latest brand, Durban Poison Cannabis lager.

The Brewery’s owners say they are ready to finance the new beer after attracting investors.

“The easiest route into the market is to go with beer. And an interesting part of the world is one of the most important things in the world of cannabis, “said Graeme Bird of Poison beer city brewing.

In September, the Constitutional Court decriminalized the use and cultivation of cannabis in private space. But this decision did not legalize its trade or distribution. Even showing cannabis in public remains legally dubious.

Entrepreneurs hope the legal changes will allow them to bring their businesses out of the shadows.

“I do not really get that whole thing; if you never told me that, I was not gonna think it’s a cannabis beer. So, they do not know, Dakalo Motselele, resident of Johannesburg.

The lager which is sold in different bars and outlets around the country is not everyone’s taste.

The lager is named after Durban Poison, a popular strain of marijuana known around the world for its distinctive smell and relatively short flowering period.


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