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Want A Thriving Business? Focus on Helping Others!

We had the pleasure of having Bien Fait as our special guest on the MyAreaVibe Spotlight Show on October 2nd, 2020. Bien Fait and MC AJ had the opportunity to discuss various topics including most valuable lessons.  The most significant idea that stood out is that helping others has made Bien Fait a better person and has scaled his business with Jacques M’mbuwca to 5+ different states! He shared tips to help you make more money by assisting others: 

  1. Unselfishly Share Information and Knowledge with Others. In the African mentality, when someone says to you “ I want to be like you”, people automatically think that the individual wants to steal your ideas and become your competition. The truth of the matter is that it is the opposite. By teaching someone else what you do, you are actually helping people that are in need of your product/service because you have taught one additional person to help a client fairly and properly. Additionally, by helping someone else out, you will draw in more opportunities and clients as you will be seen as an expert in the topic. Leave the competitive mindset behind. Change your mindset to think of abundance! There are more than enough clients and money to be made, help one of your brothers or sisters so they can know how to be financially successful in their own way as well. 
  1. Build Trust, Build Rapport, Build Relationships. All clients are human beings. They have normal lives that include joy, happiness, worries, and stress. Take the time to actually get to know your client outside of business. Here are some questions you can ask: “How are your family members doing? How has the  COVID-19 pandemic impacted your daily routine? When will your son graduate from high school?” If you genuinely take the time to know your clients as you would a friend, you will be able to help with so much more than what you are trying to sell them. Here is an example of how Bien Fait has more clients by following the sample questions above. First, he will be able to help his client file his tax returns. Once the client has received their tax return, he can inform his client that he can add an additional stream of income by taking the Sun Valley Tax online tax training. This would help the client as their son would graduate from high school soon so the client will see it as a viable way to financially support his son to go to college. Alongside, Bien Fait can help advise his client to get life insurance as a form to financially protect his family members against a loss due to COVID-19 for instance. Do you see how you can provide  additional information/services by simply getting to know your client first? 

The MyAreaVibe Family would like to thank Bien Fait for taking the time to be on the MyAreaVibe Spotlight Show. It is always great to see community members that are helping others on a daily basis! 

If you are interested in getting in contact with Bien Fait in regards to his tax services and to receive life insurance quotes, here is his contact information: 

Sun Valley Tax LLC

Office location: 6610 N 47th Avenue Ste 11 Glendale AZ 85301 

Office: 623-336-7574

Direct number: 602-317-7192 


Online tax course link:


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