Bahati Bwingi (born February 12th, 1990), known by Babbi is a Burundian singer, songwriter, director, and recording artist. Best known for his hit song “Korokokoya”, the single has captured the hearts of Africans all over the continent. He is the owner of B&B Production, a video production that has assisted in the exposure of many upcoming artists in the Phoenix area. Babbi sings in three languages including English, Swahili and Kirundi. His first upcoming album titled “Mataa” or “Lights” is expected to come out in June 2016. The artist has stated that the title “Lights” was chosen because the time had come for him to let his light shine.

Babbi was born in Uvira, Congo but raised in Tanzania. His mother and father were both farmers in Congo. His father died when Babbi was only two years old in 1992, and his mother remarried his stepfather, a Burundian doctor. Babbi has been able to influence a variety of individuals across the East African community based on the different cultures he has been exposed to throughout his life. Babbi sang in his church’s choir and developed a passion for singing ever since. Babbi completed the majority of his education in Tanzania, before relocating to the United States in 2007.

Babbi began developing his vocal abilities at Church while being part of the choir, as well as on his own. Babbi cited Nigerian artists, Mr. Flavour and Iyanya as his key musical influences. He was motivated to pursue music professionally after noticing the talent that he had and what he could offer to the world.