DJ Lady Staliet

Country Based: United States

City/State: Phoenix, Arizona

Country of Origin: Trinidad 

Hailing from the Heart of SOCA music, Port-of-Spain, Trinidad and Tobago, DJ Lady Staliet has been honing her craft since the tender age of 14. She takes inspiration from Top DJ’s in the World to create her Unique Style with an International Flair.

After moving to the U.S., DJ Lady Staliet performed in venues ranging from small parties to the club scene, collaborating with other DJ’s to produce sound and rhythm for demanding crowds.

Gaining a Worldwide audience for her mixes and online postings, she has similarly gained the same audience in the African and West Indian / Caribbean communities in her current home, Phoenix, Arizona.

First and foremost a musician, DJ Lady Staliet is also an accomplished technician; the “Mistress of the Mixer,” producing a quality performance that few can match.

Her performances at the Phoenix Caribbean Carnival Weekend, where she exploded onto the International scene, showcased DJ Lady Staliet’s skill and ability to cross cultural boundaries and music genres gaining her an extensive following.