Foreign Ward

Ward kollie who is also known as Foreign Ward, is an Recording artist, Producer, Songwriter, Engineer, Video Director & Editor who currently lives in Philadelphia, Pa. Foreign Ward was born in Monrovia, Liberia (West Africa) and raised in Philadelphia, Pa. At the age of seven Foreign Ward and is family departed from Liberia and came to the United States. The family came to the United States so Foreign Ward and his sisters could have a better opportunity of being educated. Coming to the United States is not as easy as it sounds or look. The family had to go through a process which took approximately a year. This process consist of an interview, blood test and getting a visa. The interview was to test the Family’s knowledge of how much information they knew about the United States and if they had family members they were going to stay with while they were here. The blood test was a test to see if the family was healthy enough and in good condition to come to the United States.

A blood test was given to every family that were traveling to the United States. If you were given a blood test and the result came back as HIV positive, you will be dined from coming to the United States. On the other hand, if you passed your interview and your blood test came back negative, which mean you have granted the opportunity to come to the United States. Along with having the opportunity to come to the United States, you will need a Visa which is also known as a passport. A Visa showed that you are legal and legit to travel through other countries.
After arriving to the United States, Foreign Ward and his family started living the life they have always dreamed of. Shortly after the family arrival, Foreign Ward started school in the second grade at a school called Bluford Elementary school which was located in West Philadelphia. Coming from another continent with such strong accent, Foreign Ward was picked by of the students in his school. Even though Foreign Ward did not speak perfect English, he was very intelligent and smart when it came to the books. Foreign Ward being as smart as he was, after his second grade year instead of being promoted to the third grade he got skipped the fourth grade.

When he got to the fourth grade, he repeated his ability of being smarted then most of the kids and got excellent grades that year. After the fourth grade year Foreign Ward got skipped to the six grade and he was now in middle school. Foreign Ward attended Tilden middle school throughout his middle school years which was located in southwest Philadelphia. In 2005 Foreign ward graduated middle school and moved on to high school which made him the youngest to ever attend John Bartram high school at the age of twelve. Being so young in high school, Foreign ward got a lot of attention from everyone, mostly the girls because he played basketball, football, and he was known for being the hottest rapper.

Ward worked hard throughout his high school year and had grades which made him eligible for graduation. In June 2009 Foreign Ward graduated high school at the age of fifteen, which made him the youngest to ever graduate in the school history. At the age of sixteen, Ward started college at Central Penn College, but he did not complete his bachelor degree in corporate communication. Foreign Ward went on to pursue his music career and still working hard to get a record deal.

CREDITS: Rich Homie Quan, Young Jeezy, Rocko, Lil Scrappy, Lil Chuckee, Eddy Kenzo, Mc Galaxy and MANY MORE