Guepsy Lumemo

Congo Kinshasa born Guepsy Lumemo is a diversely talented singer, songwriter and composer. During his formative years, he mastered the art of playing the tamtam, the guitar, the piano and the drums. Guepsy had discovered his passion. Performing with various bands in his homeland, Guepsy’s celebrity as an entertainer began to rise and his talents acknowledged and revered within the African community. Arriving in 2012, in search of musical connections to aid in elevating his career, Guepsy promotes himself by appearing in an abundance of shows alongside friends.

Guespsy’s traditional styles and sounds of Rhumba, Ndombolo and Pop music, were now intermixed with the sounds of R. Kelly, Whitney Houston and Michael Jackson.

An introduction to Jezine Ndombe Olondo, infamous songwriter and manager for underground R&B, Pop and Hip Hop artists was the perfect pairing of two talents. Working together, Guepsy Lumemo released his first U.S. single, “Where You From?” After acquiring a resounding positive response to Guepsy’s new updated sound, the decision was made to begin working on Guepsy Lumemo’s upcoming first U.S. EP.