Triplelan (Le Roi), whose real name is Nicholas Ndoole was born in 1988 in Bunia, D.R. Congo. This gifted vocalist and songwriter was exposed to music at a very young age.

In 2000 Triplelan and his family moved to Uganda. He started singing in a choir and it was at this point that others around him discovered that he had amazing vocal abilities. Triplelan (Le Roi) had a desire to grow in his craft so he decided to join a band at the age of 16.

A year later he joined a professional band where he gained more confidence as a lead singer, performing and traveling throughout Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania and Sudan. During his time with the band, Le Roi gained more experience as a performer and songwriter. He would often freestyle on stage and the crowd would love it.

In 2009 Triplelan (Le Roi)  and his family moved to New Zealand, where he took a break from his music to pursuit his other interests in film and photography. He completed a diploma in photography at WINTEC but film had always been a passion of his, however the opportunity had never presented itself until 2013. He completed a bachelors degree in film and television at UNITEC, Auckland.

While he was studying he was still writing songs and performing at events. During this period he was constructing his first album which required him to go back to Uganda for more inspiration. It was at this point where he met Jacinta, one of the lead singers in Janzi band, and they began to produce the hit single ‘Baby’.