Maggie Bushiri

Margurite Bushiri (born August 11, 1996), known as Maggie Bushiri is a Congolese born American Rapper, songwriter and Actress. Born in the Congo, but raised in Tanzania and Mozambique.

Maggie and her family lived in Tanzania for 6 years and eventually made their way to United State when Maggie was 9 years old. Upon arriving to United States they settled in Salt Lake City, Utah. 4 years later Maggie and her family moved to Minnesota where Maggie began to find her creative light through dance and acting. After graduating High school, Maggie left home and moved herself to Los Angeles to pursue her acting career. She was cast in a bullying commercial that went viral on Facebook which lead to a nice social media following. Moving forward In early 2015, Maggie discovered her love for rap after a close friend asked to hear a song that Maggie had written for fun. Her first rap song was about One Direction which you can find on Youtube. 

Maggie earned public attention after releasing her first single “Fly like That” in late 2016 to her Soundcloud account. At the moment she is working on her first 4 Songs EP That is set to be release in the summer of 2017.