Saga AP

Saga AP is an upcoming artist based in Worcester, Massachusetts. Born in lakpazee Monrovia Liberia. Saga AP also known as Aaron Paibo migrated to the Ivory Coast in 1990 due to the civil crisis. Began street performing at the age of 8 in the Ivory Coast saga AP was immigrated to the United States in 2002 along side with his family. In 2007 he met an Ivoirian artist/designer TZ HUSTLER who encouraged him into the music industry. In 2008 to 2011 he became a dance choreographer in the ACE PROGAM MIDDLE and High School students in WORCESTER MA. During his busy schedule he managed and joined/performed with groups (SAGA AP BOYZ and COUP 5) A year later, SAGA met a NIGERIAN artist/producer EMX. SAGA has worked with / continually work with several artists…. SAMKLEF, NANA BORO, TOGAR HARWARD, PETER G, STARMELO D etc… HE’s presently working on his studio projects and new album.