Skylett White

Born in Monrovia, Liberia, raised in Ghana, grew up and currently residing in Providence RI. I’m known for what i do best which is music, my style of music is Rap/ hip-hop and Afro beats.
The crowd loves how i flow, what makes me different from other rappers is that i don’t speak any dialect but i can deliver on any African beat with a hip hop flow and kill it, and i think that’s what makes me unique also.
I’m one of Liberia best female rapper that’s working hard each and every day to be successful in the African music industry. I came a long way; I have been doing music since i was seven years old, singing in the church choir.
There’s a quote in the bible that I love and is always on my mind ” what shall it profit a man to gain the world and loses his soul’’. In my younger years my mother would play this drum called a “Congo” I remember we would be at home and she would use the tape sometimes a bucket and i would just sing to the beat she would play along with my childhood friends.
My favorite subject in elementary school was writing I started writing poetry. As I became more intellectual what I started writing would be poems as those developed they were lyrics to me and my lyrics became songs.
As I got to middle school I started listening to a lot of Rap and R&B I really didn’t listen to female Rappers, well I wasn’t interested in their flows except for one which was M.C Lite. I was more into listening to the male rappers fabulous, Cassidy, B.I.G etc.;
I loved their sounds lyrics and the hard core aspect of what they would rap about, it was almost like poetry. I started recording my own songs when I got to high school, my cousin and I thought of a name for myself. 

I was now known as La Reality (Queen of L.I.B) at the time. I did shows , inspired a lot of people with my music that made me feel real great because I never would’ve have thought that I can speak through my music and people actually listen to what I have to say, that they can relate to it.
I graduated from high school in the year of 2011 and now I’m in college still doing music but now with a different style which is afro beats.
Although people were listening to my music, but I wasn’t getting the kind of response I was striving for, I wanted to catch their attention, I wanted them to be like wow who is that? I must admit, growing up I never really listened to African Music nor big fan but I needed something different, a new style.
One day I heard Ice Prince a Nigerian artist/rapper which I’m a big fan of his music, and I liked the beat it had this unique sound and the way he flowed was hot so I tried it, when he did a song title “Oleku”.
The beat was hot so I had to do freestyle to it and share with my friends. I started getting feedbacks my views went up. I was being noticed and asked to be on one of their tracks by other artists who were in the music industry as well.
I always said that if I cannot be the best in America, I know I will be the Best in Africa. That’s how I became Scarlet White (the Best on the Beat). Music is just not a hobby, it’s who I’m; I live breath and eat music.
As some of my cousins & some of my friends would be at the mall, partying or with their boyfriends the only place I wanted to be was the studio. I wouldn’t mind if I was there all day and night. I don’t do this for me, I really don’t want the fame if you get to know me I’m a person that doesn’t say much , I am doing this for my mother especially because I want to give her that good life.
She gives my siblings and I a great life despite her being a single parent. My mother taught me to be independent strive achieve what’s not expected of you. Now I’m on to my next step in my journey towards success trying to make my dreams become reality, I know i will make it happen because I got the potential, motivation, and patience. Martin Luther King once said ” if you can’t be the sun, be a star” A Star I Am, and a Star I will always be.