Supa Fire

Lawrence Kanneh (born July 20,1990) better known by his stage name SUPA FIRE is a Sierra Leonean Rapper /singer born in Bo town City which is the second largest city in sierra Leone, mothers name Susan Kanneh, father name Anthony foday from (1991–2002) the civil war began on 23 March 1991 when the (RUF), with support from the special forces of Charles Taylor intervened in Sierra Leone in an attempt to overthrow the Joseph Momoh government. The resulting civil war lasted 11 years, enveloped the country, and left over 50,000 dead in 2005 he was fortunate to travel to the U.S.A with the help of the united nations as a refugee now based in Ohio in 2006 supa fire began writing music in Arizona in 2010 he was in a hip-hop music group call FANS FAVORITE together as a group they release one album call Fantizer in 2015 he was discovered and sign by DMZ (De movement zone out) which is a Sierra Leone/ Guinean music group based in Columbus Ohio.