Biograhy | Togo Boi

Togo Boi is an African artist from West Africa known for his electrifying stage presence. Togo Boi has found himself at the forefront of reaching his long time dream of becoming an internationally known artist. Togo Boi first started rapping at the age of 19. Since that time he has found himself in the likes of such company as Nigeria’s P Square, 2 Face, and actors such as Aki, Paw Paw and Van Vickler to name a few.

Togo Boi’s inspiration for doing music can most is attributed to artists such as Damian Marley, Ky-Mani Marley, Mavado and Vybes Cartel. You can hear subtle distinctions in his very own music. With his newest album due in the summer of 2013, Togo’s working tirelessly to put fourth the best project to date, from the self proclaimed “Voice of Africa”. Togo Boi’s music is unique in that it crosses several genres of music such as dance hall, pop, rap and reggae.

Togo Boi started his music career with the rap group Buffalo Soljah’s, which later became the name of his independent record, ‘Buffalo Soljah’. With 3 albums, numerous music videos, and shows from Africa to the US, Togo Boi’s long time dream of being “the voice of Africa” may soon become reality.

Togo Boi is working with several promoters who are anxious to get him back to his homeland in Africa. “I cannot think of a better way to show my accomplishments and appreciation for Mother Africa”. But not only will he be in Africa and Phoenix, his international tour will take him all over the US to showcase his talent and development. He thanked fans in New York City and Africa for showing so much support. Togo Boi carries Africa on his back as he embarks on taking African music to a new level.

Togo Boi recently released a music video off of his new album for the son ‘Reach 4 the Stars’. His inspiration for this track was his family, and he wanted to make that a point. As they watched their selves on the Internet they were amazed. “Daddy is famous!” Extremely happy with how the song turned out, he considers it to be a teaser for the upcoming album due to release this summer.