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Diamond’s ex Wema Sepetu pregnant, friend makes shocking confession


Wema Sepetu is expectant, but does not know who is responsible for the pregnancy <PHOTO/COURTESY> Tanzania’s top actress and model Wema Sepetu is expectant, but does not know who is responsible for the pregnancy, media outlets in the ‘Bongo’ nation report.

According to Tanzania’s Risasi newspaper, a popular member of parliament in the country could be responsible for the film star’s pregnancy. The news outlet claims the legislator has been funding Wema’s glamorous lifestyle in Dar es Salaam.

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In an earlier interview with Ijumaa newspaper, the Miss Tanzania 2006 confirmed her pregnancy rumours, saying: “it’s true I am expectant; and it is six months old.”

Risasi adds that Wema learnt about her pregnancy when she visited a reputable hospital in Dar es Salaam. The paper reports that after pregnancy tests yielded a positive response, she left the facility extremely elated.

She, however, has a puzzle to solve – knowing who sired her unborn child, adds the paper.

“Madam was very excited to learn about her pregnancy; for a long time the issue of not being able to get a baby has denied her sleep. After the ecstasy, the big elephant in the room is to find out who sired her unborn child. In a short stint, she has engaged romantically with Big Brother Hot Shot 2014, Idris Sultan and an MP who is bankrolling her. She has given either a probability of 50 per cent chance of being the father,” a source told Risasi.

The insider added that after Wema realised her confusion, she told both Sultan and the legislator that they were soon going to be fathers. After receiving the good news, the two gentlemen have been showing utmost care for the model.

“She has told both that the pregnancy belongs to them. The two men have warmly received the news; both believe that the pregnancy is theirs. Neither knows about Wema’s dilemma,” said the source.

Full support

“They (Idris and MP) are spending crazily on Wema! The parliamentarian splashes a lot of money on her; you might mistake him for an insane person. He’s bought her a house in Ununio, Dar es Salaam, and he takes her on shopping sprees. As if that isn’t enough – the top-of-the-range guzzler Wema gifted herself on her birthday, was paid for by the MP” divulged the source.

Her fellow model, Idris, is also ‘chopping money’ on the 2006 Miss Tanzania winner.

WEMA-SULTANIdris Sultan believes he is responsible for Wema Sepetu’s pregnancy PHOTO/COURTESY
“Idris on the other hand isn’t a joke! He is spending! Too bad he doesn’t know there’s a crisis behind the pregnancy.”

When the paper reached out to Idris for comment, he said he will respond after a month.

“Currently I am not in a position to talk about Wema’s pregnancy. My mind is not settled. Don’t push me to comment about the paternity of her unborn child. Just wait for a month to elapse, after which I will disclose everything,” said Idris.

Wema’s friends baffled

Risasi says it sought the comments of Wema’s friends about her situation.

Unsurprisingly, they were baffled by their buddy’s inability to identify the man who sired her unborn baby.

Wema is yet to respond to the question surrounding the paternity of her inborn child.

Source: Citizen.co.ke
Published: January, 15th 2016


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