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#MyAreaVibe|Why Diamond’s ex and Ali Kiba have broken up

Top Tanzanian singer Ali Kiba, 29, and supposed lover Jokate Mwegelo ‘Kidoti’, 28, have broken up.

Tanzanian media reports claim the couple called it quit after Jokate had a miscarriage. Ali Kiba believed he was responsible for the pregnancy and now suspects foul play on Jokate’s alleged miscarriage.

okate Mwegelo is a tanzanian model and businesswoman PHOTO/COURTESY
okate Mwegelo is a tanzanian model and businesswoman PHOTO/COURTESY

According to Ijumaa, the two fell out a fortnight ago after the Tanzanian-based businesswoman had a miscarriage while working out.

“Ali Kiba felt that he has been duped when he learnt about Jokate’s miscarriage. He thought that Jojo (Jokate) wasn’t ready to be called a mother,” a source told the paper.

“That’s the main reason of their disagreement, besides others such as religious differences and Jokate’s parents disapproving of the couple’s relationship. Meeting between kinsmen of the pair is ongoing, but it seems Ali Kiba has made up his mind,” added the insider.

“News about Jokate and Kiba’s split was received “warmly” by the model’s brothers who opposed the affair from the beginning, says” Ijumaa.

When the outlet reached out to Jokate for comment, she said: “Kindly leave me alone! I don’t want to talk about Ali Kiba at all.”

The beauty also distanced herself from disclosing anything about her rumoured miscarriage.

In a different interview with Risasi, Ali Kiba said he’s not in a position to address the break up rumours.

“Honestly, I won’t open up about the issue. I consider it private. I don’t see the benefit of opening up about non-beneficial matters. Everything has its boundaries,” said Kiba.

Apart from miscarriage, the other contributing factors to the couple’s fall out are reported to be constant disagreements and Jokate’s suspicion of Kiba’s infidelity.

Despite the rumour mill being rife with speculations that the two are dating, neither Kiba nor Jokate has publicly confirmed the claims. In July, 2015 Kiba denied claims romantically linking him to Jokate.

“Jokate is one of my best friends. We have nothing going on between us… I believe it’s simply natural for friends to show affection for one other,” he said.

Jokate Mwegelo is feted Tanzanian singer Diamond Platnumz’ ex-lover and sections were shocked when rumour went round claiming that Ali Kiba decided to ‘eat from a plate’ Diamond had left behind.

Jokate and Diamond broke up in 2013 after their union was disrupted by incest allegations. Apparently the two were said to be relatives, therefore, forced to call it a day.

Published:January 29th 2016
By Citizen Reporter, Citizen Digital


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