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#MyAreaVibe|Don’t boycott my shows, Jose Chameleone urges fans

Jose Chameleone, one of Uganda’s most consistent artistes, has urged his countrymen to put aside their political affiliations and support each other to build the nation – especially now that the General Election is over and the results have been announced.

The singer, who openly supported Uganda’s president Yoweri Kaguta Museveni during campaigns, said fans whose affiliation inclines toward opposition leader Kizza Besigye should not judge or ‘punish’ him by boycotting his shows.

“To all friends and fans who have thrown unkindness to me for practicing my fundamental right of choice, please stop threatening to boycott my showcases that show how conditional your support to me is. I have never insulted your love for other artistes simply because such is life,” he said.

Nonetheless, he advised those who cannot change their perception about him to “stay (at) home.”

“If I offended any of you in that manner, stay home next time I have a show and wait for those you support unconditionally,” added the Wale Wale star.

Chameleone has also taken the opportunity to send his congratulatory message to President Museveni.

“Congratulations to the elected President of Uganda 2016 – Y.K.Museveni. And for all society condemning each other on who voted and supported who, it’s not primary now. It’s time to reconcile and together build our nation with the greatest of our abilities,” advised the artiste.

“I am Ugandan, we are Ugandans; we are all relevant to the building of a peaceful and prosperous Uganda.”

Museveni extended his 30-year rule on Saturday, winning an election that international observers said lacked transparency and his main opponent, Kizza Besigye, who is under house arrest denounced as a sham.

One of Africa’s longest-serving leaders, Museveni won 60.8 percent of the vote, while opposition candidate Kizza Besigye secured 35.4 percent, according to the electoral commission.

Source: citizentv.co.ke
Published: February 21st 2016


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