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#MyAreaVibe|Zari Hassan’s worst fear revealed

Wealthy Ugandan socialite Zari Hassan has said she fears dying before her four children grow up.

In a February 9 interview documented on People Daily’s Spice, Zari said she wishes to witness Pinto (12), Raphael (11), Quincy (8) and Latifah Dangote (6-months-old) successfully pass through all stages of life.

“My greatest fear would be dying right now when my babies are hardly grown. I want to see them grow up, join college, date, get married and get kids,” she said.

The businesswoman said her children are “her greatest pillars”.

“My kids are my greatest pillar. I am nothing without them. My man also holds me together in ways that no one can ever know. He always goes out of his of his way to ensure that I have all the love and support I need. He helps out at home, even with kids and this is more than I can ask for,” she gushed.

Like most celebrities, she fears that her kids may get caught in the drama and controversies that follow her as a public personality.

“Any mother would worry. There are times I freak they’ll read or see the nasty things about us (Diamond and her) and get affected. We sat them down and explained how showbiz is. Some people are going to be ruthless while others may be good to us. We teach them how to deal with that,” Zari said.

Just like many mothers, Zari panics when her children are out of her sight.

“They love going to the malls with their friends. I always make sure they’re supervised. It would be unfair to stop them from enjoying their childhood…”

“Diamond is a wonderful partner”

Not holding back, Zari showered her superstar partner with praises saying that his fame does not keep him from fulfilling family responsibilities.

“Diamond is a wonderful partner and father. He may be a star and he is humble, loving and a family man. He protects and put our family first. He is a celebrity, but when at home, he is a dad and partner.”

She says their luminary status comes at a cost – constant criticism.

“When you are a successful celebrity, you will definitely ruffle some feathers along the way… And when someone feels threatened, they retaliate unconventionally. My hubby and I choose to focus on good moments.”

Diamond and Zari got into a steamy relationship in November, 2014 after she fell out with Ugandan tycoon Ivan Ssemwanga (her ex-husband and father of her three sons).

Source: citizentv.co.ke
Published: February 20th 2016


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